Oburi and sawa
Sawa and Oburi hugging each other


15 (Kite), 25 (Kite Liberator)




Oburi (Kite)
Monaka Noguichi (Kite Liberator)




Tsuin (Kite Liberator)

Sawa is a young assassin whose parents were brutally murdered.  Kite revolves around Sawa and Oburi, two assain's who were orphaned by Akai.  Like Oburi, she has her own personal gun.  Sawa's is a reddish-pink and Oburi's is a Platinum or silver color.  Depending on the bullet Sawa chooses, it explodes a few seconds after it pierces the skin or triggers the explosion.  She meets Oburi when they are both hunting the same group of people. They quickly become friends and due to their close relationship gives her the emotional strength to leave her abusive guardian, but Akai and Kanie won't make it so easy for them to leave.  Sawa also made a cameo in Mezzo Forte.  She made her third appearance, in Kite Liberator as one of the two protagonists of the film.

Personality Edit

Sawa has the typical personality of a teenager but under it she's an assassin, however she doesn't take pride in her work and prefers the life of a normal teenager. She is shown, when around Oburi, to have the personality of a playful and friendly child.

Appearence Edit

Sawa is just usually wearing her school uniform, excluding the time when she came to rescue Oburi from death by Akai and Kanye, she wore a red coat and a Scarf. When Kite Liberator was released, Sawa made her second appearance as a maid working in the same cafe as the protagonist. She had darker eyes and short hair.

Relationship Edit

Oburi (Sawa may have feelings for Oburi, the two could possibly be lovers)

Akai (Abusive adoptive father)

Kanie (associates)

Monaka Noguchi (alter ego/assassin in "Kite Liberator")